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Time for Trims

June 21, 2023

Trimmings are where it’s at when it comes to taking interiors from ordinary to extraordinary and our team love nothing more than incorporating the most beautiful into our schemes.

Trims and personalisation

From fine piping to rustic embellishment, we have poured over the best trimming collections choosing the most unique to add a special something  to the fabrics we work with.

For us, integrating the right trimming in your scheme can add a level of personalisation in an economical and bespoke way. The world of trimmings is vast, it can be tricky to decide what to use and where, what makes sense for the use of your fabrics and how to blend them in an established scheme. We have rounded up a few of our trim tactics to help.

Curtains and Trims

Incorporating trims into our curtain designs has become a staple of TCI design. With a shift to more decorative and layered decor, they offer a nod to luxury and expression without committing to heavily pattered fabrics. We like to work with neutral fabrics and build in a leading edge trim to detail otherwise plain curtains. Not only does the addition add a level of colour and texture, but the trim edge makes the curtain more hard wearing from a handling perspective and also helps reduce fabric fading which can quickly age any window dressing. Bringing a trim into a natural curtain fabric allows the beauty of the window to shine through but adds an element of framing in an economical way. It works within our schemes by maintaining a pared back look while adding some more luxury and bespoke finish.


Samuel & Sons

Samuel & Sons are our main trims squeeze. Their collections are vast and they are constantly updating their clever and superbly creative vision boards of how to integrate trims which we love. From leather piping to ombré trims, brushed finishes and jewelled edges, the choices are endless.


We are keeping our eye on the Houles brand when it comes to trims. Excitingly they’ve just completed a collaboration with Michael Aiduss which brings together stunning jacquards and embroidering as well as intricate woven and braided pieces. Inspired by the spirit of Ancient Greece, its columns and mediterranean sea, and the soul of Grecian style and architecture. Featuring hand-finished embroidery, rich golden threads and stunning azure blues, each design is a work of art.

Kit Kemp

Not content with her reign as successful textiles, fragrance, and homewares designer as well as Founder and Creative Director at Firmdale Hotels, Kit Kemp has entered into the world of trimmings too, creating the most beautiful collection with Christopher Farr Cloth.  Integrating her statement texture and colour rich style into this collection, each design brings acres of personality and art. Using woven techniques, we love the legacy and rustic impact of the collection.