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Partnering with: Function Design

July 19, 2023

We work with exceptional local suppliers and craftspeople who elevate our schemes and allow us to deliver the quality and design we are committed to. One such partner is Killinchy-based Function Design.

We had the chance to chat with Function Design’s Director Ryan and to quiz him on what it is that makes what they do, so very special.


What is the history of Function Designs?

Ryan: I launched Function Design in 2010 on my own. I had spotted a gap in the market for timeless bespoke furniture and since then I’ve grown the business, taken on staff, built facilities, expanded our showroom and increased our project capabilities. I’m proud to say we now have a team of 30 people with a mix of joiners, fitters, painters, designers, and office staff. I consider all levels of the business to be crucial, whether it’s the initial consultation, or the manufacturing, training up our young apprentices or completion of a project. It takes our whole team working together to make the business a success.

What sets Function Design apart?

Ryan: I believe that our level of craftsmanship combined with our customer service is what really marks us apart from our competition. Our joiners are craftsmen trained in cabinetry and they are so passionate about what they do that they continue in their own time to craft beautiful items like canoes, jewellery boxes, guitars and heirloom furniture.

Our attention to detail is key at every stage of our work, from design to survey, from workshop and technical drawings to manufacturing, and from fitting to painting. Every aspect is crucial to the quality that we deliver. Between us, we have over 200 years of cabinetry experience which is hard to beat. When you combine the skill and passion with our project delivery, we find our clients are extremely happy with the end result.


Are there any materials you prefer to work with? 

We work with various timber materials but we make sure to buy all materials in their unfinished form so that we can be selective about colour, grain and quality. Our process involves finishing everything to our own exact dimensions to allow for that truly bespoke finish. The timbers we work with are FSC timbers – eco friendly and certified including elm, oak, walnut, ash, cherry, beech, tulip, and cedar. We’re careful to avoid softwood or treated timbers and with the price of materials currently fluctuating, we do our utmost to ensure our customers get the best value for money. When it comes to finishes, we lean towards tested finishes that are durable and market leading products. It’s crucial for us that they stand the test of time no matter where the furniture is used.



Why is your approach so unique in the market?

Unlike a lot of other companies, we manufacture each piece of furniture in our workshop in Killinchy, taking it from rough timber to a fine finished product. If there were to be any issues, we’re in a good position to resolve it since we manufacture everything ourselves and can rectify immediately rather than outsourcing to other manufacturers The satisfaction of our clients is central to us so we always strive to exceed expectations on every project.

Attention to detail

Bespoke can feel out of reach for some clients - is it?

Fundamentally we recognise the importance of each project to each client, the piece of furniture they need will be a big part of their home so it has to be just as important to us as it is to them. Our projects range from multiple rooms at a time to individual pieces and there are different levels to our furniture which suit varied budgets. We try to tailor specification to fit each budget without reducing the quality or compromising the materials or longevity of the product.